In partnership with Transport for NSW, Blue Datto presents the 'Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers' Workshop on Monday 26th August 2019 at Erskine Park High School for their students and parents.

In presenting this program Blue Datto aims to create awareness of the need for parents, grandparents, carers and others (who we call 'the Role Models') to be actively and mindfully aware of their role in road safety education of young adults. Blue Datto is offering this free workshops for young adults and their Role Models.

This program aims to positively impact the culture of young drivers in Australia and will:

- Give Role Models tools to be the safest drivers possible

- Concentrate on behaviour and attitude change rather than driving skills (following the Safer People and Safer Pillars approach)

- Encourage Role Models to create a partnership with their child related to road safety, and give them guidance on how this can be done effectively

- Encourage Role Models to help their child develop personal travel strategies

- Help Role Models to understand situational awareness and differences in their perceptions and their children’s perceptions

- Convey how the Role Model's behaviour will affect the child’s behaviour through modelling

- Further their understanding of the importance of learner drivers using and buying safe cars

The Helping Learner Drivers Become Safer Drivers workshops will be delivered by Blue Datto’s Program Leaders and Peer Mentors who have been specifically trained to deliver the program material, and to give a unique point of view on the materials to Role Models and the young adults who attend.

For more information, please don't hesitate to call us on 02 8999 8005, or email us at [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you there!

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