Blue Datto’s Keeping Safe program is a multi-award winning road safety education program that targets young drivers and passengers in school and community settings.

Keeping Safe aims to teach safe behaviours, encourage self-belief and empower young people to make safer choices on the roads as drivers and passengers. The program is an interactive analysis of travel safety risks and examines the influence of family, friends and the social environment on the choices young drivers make. The workshop teaches practical communication and leadership skills that are transferrable to all areas of life.

As part of every program participants complete a Personal Road Safety Plan considering strategies they will use to travel safely as both a driver and passenger. They also formalise their commitment in a Pledge, which Blue Datto emails to them every year for five years around their birthday.

Keeping Safe is written by leading Australian road safety and education experts, with input from Police and Emergency Services.

Programs are delivered by Facilitators and trained Peer Mentors (1 per 20 participants.) Peer Mentors (generally University students) are trained to lead breakout sessions and encourage open and constructive discussions on a ‘near peer’ level.

Linked to the NSW Curriculum

A NSW-curriculum linked program, Keeping Safe uses appropriate teaching strategies and activities to:

  • Examine safe vs unsafe behaviours and common risk factors for young drivers
  • Consider the value and interaction of individual and community health
  • Analyse the linked nature of choices, influences, responsibilities and outcomes
  • Improve participants’ ability to problem solve and make decisions in risky situations
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Provide a forum for young people to brainstorm road safety ideas for their own school or community 

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