Blue Datto’s Road to Wellbeing program aims to help individuals, families and communities to respond to and recover from road trauma incidents. We aim to do this by initiating healthy conversations and providing tools, resources and support that promote a path back to wellbeing.

We will never be able to take away the immense pain of losing a loved one, but we hope we can provide some comfort and support and help impacted individuals find their path back to wellbeing.

The Road to Wellbeing program focuses on enabling people impacted by road trauma to receive support from others who have previously endured a similar pain.

This includes Philip Vassallo’s family who understands first-hand the ongoing impact such a tragedy can have, both short and long term.

Through the Road to Wellbeing program, Blue Datto:

  • Delivers Support Packs to parents and families of road trauma victims immediately following incidents
  • Provides opportunities for impacted parents and guardians to meet and talk confidentially with a peer who has endured a similar experience
  • Provides opportunities for impacted individuals and families to participate in professional counselling sessions
  • Refers and encourages individuals to have ongoing contact with support networks
  • Provides resources and contacts for the community on how to receive and offer support

If you or someone you know requires support, or for further information on the Road to Wellbeing program, please contact Blue Datto.