Philip Vassallo was a caring, friendly and fun young man who always tried to make others happy. He usually succeeded.

When he went out with his friends, he always ensured that everyone got home safely. He was an ordinary 17 year old: he loved his family and friends and enjoyed going out. He was making a great impression at work and excelling at TAFE.

Everyone that knew Phil, was well aware of his passion for cars, especially his blue Datsun ute.

He was affectionately known as ‘the Kid in the Blue Datto’.

Blue Datto was established by the Vassallo family in Phil’s memory after he passed away in a crash in Penrith in July 2014. 

Aged just 17, Philip was killed instantly when hit side on in his beloved ute. 

Both drivers involved were on their 'P' plates. 

Philip's story remains central to both Blue Datto's activities and the Keeping Safe program, the story of the 'Kid in the Blue Datto' empowering and inspiring other young people to speak up and stay safe on our roads.