Hawkesbury Case Study

The Keeping Safe program has helped to significantly reduce youth fatalities in the Hawkesbury region.

Prior to Keeping Safe:

From 2012 to 2015 the Hawkesbury region experienced more fatalities of young people (17 to 25) than any other region in NSW. With 14 young fatalities over the period, 17-25 year olds accounted for 47% of all fatalities in the Hawkesbury – compared to the NSW state average of 20%.

After Keeping Safe:

From 2016-2018 more than 75% of Year 10 students in the Hawkesbury Region participated in a Keeping Safe program. Over the same period, youth fatalities were significantly reduced with only one young life lost over the ensuing three-year period.

There was a 100% reduction in young fatalities in 2016 alone - against the NSW State average of a 33% increase. 

No. Fatalities (17-25 Year Olds) 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Hawkesbury Local Gov. Area 5 2 2 5 0 1 0

Average Lives Lost 2012 to 2015: 3.5 per year    Average Lives Lost 2016 to 2018: 0.3 per year

Data Source: NSW Centre for Road Safety. Please note 2019 data not currently available.

Keeping Safe Survey Results

Keeping Safe participants are anonymously surveyed after completing their program. Survey results tell us:

  • Over 85% of participants would recommend the Keeping Safe to other young people.
  • 92% said they felt free to speak openly and honestly in the program
  • 78% of participants discussed the program with parents and friends

Participants felt that Keeping Safe taught them to:

  • ‘Speak up when I don’t feel safe’ (88%)
  • ‘Make sure the driver is always safe to drive’ (87%)
  • ‘Always have a plan to get home safely’ (83%)
  •  'Plan to avoid risky situations' (83%)

Keeping Safe Participant Feedback

The following is anonymous feedback from Keeping Safe participants:

"It's a good, modern way to educate young people."

"The Peer Mentors actually cared about what we had to say."

"The program was a real eye opener."

"Engaging, interesting, relevant."

"The story of Philip’s passing is something that I will never forget."

"It highlighted how real it all is and we can't go around thinking it's impossible for this to happen to us."

"It’s a positive way to show people the consequences and impacts that crashes have."

"Teens need to understand the consequences of their actions, and that it doesn’t only affect them, it affects others."

"It could really help save your life."

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