Australia has a serious road trauma problem and our community has become complacent about road safety.

We accept fatalities and injuries as ‘normal’ consequences of road use and hope that it doesn’t directly impact those closest to us.

Shockingly, in 2018 1,140 people died on Australian roads. This included 260 young people under 24 - almost a quarter of the country’s total road fatalities. Over the last 10 years a staggering 3,115 young people have been killed on our roads, including Philip Vassallo.

The rate of serious injuries on our roads is equally concerning. For every death on Australian roads, it’s estimated there are 25 seriously injured victims admitted to hospital.

The Federal Government estimates that road crashes cost the Australian economy more than $27 billion a year.

However the real-life social and emotional impact of road trauma, felt by the families and communities of those involved, is immeasurable.

As identified in the ‘Inquiry into the National Road Safety Strategy 2011 – 2020,’ without changes 12,000 Australians will be killed and 360,000 will be injured at a cost of $300 billion over the next decade alone.

Blue Datto is leading the change at a community level; to raise awareness, offer support and ultimately save lives.

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