Blue Datto Foundation Supports Road Safety Week 2021

Drive so others survive.

That’s the key message for National Road Safety Week 2021, and one Blue Datto Foundation fully supports.

CEO Rebecca Palser said the Blue Datto Foundation is making the pledge ‘to drive to so others survive’ in demonstration of its strong commitment to improving road safety, particularly for young people who are some of the at-risk on our roads.  

“For the past seven years, Blue Datto has been dedicated to reducing road trauma through educating the next generation of drivers,” Palser said.

“Sadly, there was a 30% spike in road fatalities for the 17-20 year old age group last year, highlighting the vulnerability of young people.

“National Road Safety Week is an opportunity for all of us to remember the shared responsibility we have to tackle this issue.

“Road trauma affects everyone and we’re encouraging anyone one our roads to join us in making the pledge to drive so others survive.”

To date, Blue Datto has educated over 25,000 Grade 10 and 11 high school students across NSW through its award-winning, road safety education program, Keeping Safe, and more recently through its online education modules, Safe Yourself.

The expansion to an online program was developed through the support of community partner WestConnex |Transurban and ensures vital education remains accessible to young people no matter where they live.

“By developing online access to our education programs, we are now able to reach more schools and groups, especially those in regional and rural areas, where car crash fatalities are more likely,” Palser said.

“It’s teaching young people how to identify risks, distractions and avoid a car crash at a time when they need it most.”

Schools can gain access to ‘Keeping Safe’ and the ‘Safe Yourself’ online program for their students by contacting the Blue Datto Foundation or registering online.

Community members can also donate funds for these essential life saving road safety programs.

For more information or to donate call 02 8999 8005 or email at [email protected] visit 

Media contact: Rebecca Palser, CEO on 0401 314 158 or [email protected]


  • There were 56 fewer road fatalities in NSW in 2020 compared with the previous year, but the road fatalities in the 17-20 year age group INCREASED by 30% (Source: NSW Preliminary Report) (31 fatalities in 2020 vs 24 in 2019)
  • Over the past 10 years road trauma was the leading cause of death of young people ages 17 to 25
  • Approximately 240 young people die in road fatalities every year in Australia
  • Ages 17 and 25 represents 13% of the population but more than 25% of road fatalities. Fatality risk is x2 high than anyone else on the road
  • The most common age to die in a road crash is 18
  • From 2015 to 2019, 253 young people aged 17 to 25 died in car crashes. 168 were drivers and 85 (33%) were passengers. (Source: NSW Interactive Statistics)