It is important that our donors and supporters can see the impact of their generosity and we are committed to transparency in our operations and reporting. Every dollar you donate contributes to our mission to reduce the incidence and impact of road trauma in NSW.

With thanks to your support Blue Datto has delivered education programs to more than 17,000 young people across NSW, while our community awareness and support programs have reached thousands more!

In 2018 alone Blue Datto delivered the Keeping Safe program to more than 7,000 young people in communities including the Greater Western Sydney area, the Central Coast, Central West, Byron/Ballina, Hunter and Riverina.

In the last year we also:

  • Provided casual employment and training to more than 30 Peer Mentors (generally University students)
  • Advocated to local, state and Federal Government on behalf of families and communities impacted by road trauma
  • Provided support to individuals, families and schools impacted by road trauma
  • Collaborated with industry and community stakeholders to maximise resources

How we Spent our Funds Last Year:

Sources of Income Last Year:

  • 68% is spent on Program Delivery
  • 26% is spent on essential Administration
  • 3% is spent on Marketing and Communications
  • 3% is spent on Peer Mentor Training
  • 39% from Fundraising and Donations
  • 29% from Corporate Sponsorship
  • 27% from Grants
  • 5% from Goods and Services

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