Do you want to help young people be safer on our roads? Are you passionate about providing opportunities and education to young people? Are you aged 18-24 and looking for casual employment that fits around your study?

A paid position, the Peer Mentor program is perfect experience for students studying Social Work, Public Health, Youth Work and Teaching, however everyone is welcome to apply.

Peer Mentors learn a whole range of new skills that help them in their future careers. This includes:

    • Leadership
    • Communication Skills
    • Public speaking
    • How to work in teams
    • Small group facilitation
    • How to work with young people
    • How to handle challenging situations

    As a Peer Mentor you will be trained to help deliver Blue Datto’s Keeping Safe program. Keeping Safe is a half-day workshop run in secondary schools and delivered to groups of 15-18 year olds. It involves small group discussion and activities around risk and young people and includes a presentation of facts about road safety and a real-life case study with the fire emergency services group.

    Peer Mentors lead breakout sessions, activities and encourage open and honest conversation with participants.

    Would you like to know more?

    Applications will be considered all year round. Please email your resume to [email protected] and a member of a team will be in touch when we are considering our next intake.

    In your email please tell us your full name, address, current Licence status and attach your resume.

    Please also answer the following questions, either in your email or as an attached Cover Letter.

    1. Why are you interested in becoming a Peer Mentor?
    2. What previous experience have you had in presenting or facilitating small groups?
    3. How did you hear about Blue Datto and/or the Peer Mentor program?