Drivers may think that taking their eyes off the road for two seconds is harmless, however statistics from the Australian Road Research Board tells us otherwise.

When glancing off the road for more than 2 seconds, drivers automatically increase their chances of being involved in a collision.

The National Transport Commission (NTC) created a regulation impact statement, after searching for feedback on what technology-neutral options are accessible to help minimize driver distraction. The Chief Executive Officer Gillian Miles from NCT stated that there is lack in the understanding of outdated rules. New technology systems accessible in cars pose a HUGE risk, in being distractions.

According to Dr Miles’s research, drivers undergo non-driving activities approximately every 96 seconds. This in turn decreases the chances of reacting at an appropriate time to certain hazards on the road. Inexperienced drivers such as learners and provisional's should actively focus on decreasing as many of these distractions as possible. Ways to do this are:

* Ensuring they only have people they can trust in their car.

* Only have music on a low volume or better yet, not at all.

* Keeping their phone in their bag or at the back of their car.

* Pulling over if the weather poses a distraction e.g raining heavily.