"Hi, I’m Brianna and I am currently studying teaching at Western Sydney University".

What made you want to be apart of the Blue Datto team? In 2015 I lost my best friend to a road trauma incident, since then I have been determined to be able to do something to prevent this happening to others. 

What has the organisation taught you? Being a part of the Blue Datto Foundation has really made me aware of such a diverse range of issues associated with driving and road safety. I am constantly learning and understanding new views and opinions from both my fellow Peer Mentors and the students we educate. Working with young students has taught me that no body is perfect and everybody makes mistakes, but that there is always things that can be done or said, to avoid becoming another statistic. That's what we try to instill in the students we are lucky enough to educate.

Why do you enjoy working as a Peer Mentor? I aim to empower and equip young drivers with the skills and ability to make positive decisions as a driver or passenger - which is something that I am extremely passionate about!