"Hi my name is Eyerus !"

Degree: I am currently studying a Bachelor of Humanitarian development studies at the University of Western Sydney.

Other jobs: I work full time as a Recreational Activities Officer in a nursing home.

Hobbies: long distance running, singing, musicals, musical theater and painting.

What is something that not many people know about you? I was in every single musical and theater production within high school and primary school. I am very creative and have always been fascinated by the dramatic arts.

What skills has Blue Datto given you? I have a higher level of confidence and communication when interacting with various age groups now. This confidence has helped me in both my professional career but also in my personal life.

Why were you drawn to work for Blue Datto?  I have personally been in traumatic road crashes before, as a passenger. I have been directly effected as I have many friends who have lost people close to them. As a result of this deep impact, I resonate and connect with the Vassallo family and their story. I have always longed to work with young teenagers and to educate young them on specific areas in life development. I am deeply passionate about educating young teenagers about road safety. Being apart of Blue Datto has given me a new level of fulfillment and purpose in my life.