" Hi, my name is Danielle and  I joined the Blue Datto team almost a year ago".

Job Title: Peer Mentor.

Job description: I visit schools with the Blue Datto team and deliver the classroom activities that are part of our unique Keeping Safe program.

University Attending: Macquarie University.

Degree: I am currently studying a Bachelor of International Studies.

Other Jobs: I work as a swim teacher and coach from kids that are 2 years old - adults.

Hobbies: Traveling, reviewing films, church and circus arts.

Tell us something that not many people know about you? I'm a huge movie nerd, especially interested in directors, composers, stunts and actors.

Is there a moment at Blue Datto that stands out for you? There is a mini film that is played as part of the program. Every time it plays, it affects the students and gets them thinking about keeping their mates safe. Seeing that bit of shock at the end, you know the message has sunk in deep!

What has Blue Datto taught you? Working as a Peer Mentor has helped advance my communication skills, especially when talking with parents and customers at my other workplace. I now feel comfortable answering random questions on the fly.