" My name is Doris and I've been lucky enough to be apart of the team for 1 year".

Title: Peer Mentor 

University Attending: I am in my fifth year at the University of New South Wales.

Other jobs: I am also a tutor at UNSW.

Hobbies: Reading, running, eating and volunteering.

What is something not everybody knows about you: I really enjoy cooking.

Is there a particular moment at Blue Datto that stands out for you? There isn't one particular moment, no. Attending every school is really rewarding. I enjoy working as a team and as we all bring various skills and knowledge to the table.

What is your favorite part about working for the Blue Datto Foundation: The team involved in the operation of the foundation.Everyone has a genuine interest and passion in educating youth in the community about safe driving. There is SO much support when running a program to ensure that it runs successfully. 

Why did you choose to work for the charity? I have a strong interest in community and social development, which stems from my studies in social work.