" Hello, my name is Ela and I have been apart of the Blue Datto team since July 2018"

Job title: A Peer Mentor.

Job description: The role of Peer Mentor consists of going through the program activities with groups, made up of no more than 20 students.

University Degree: A Bachelor of Occupational Therapy.

Year: I'm in my second year of my degree.

Hobbies: I am interested in photography and traveling.

Why did you choose to work alongside the Blue Datto Foundation? While I have been driving I have seen a staggering amount of car crashes. I know people who have either been in a car crash or people who have done irresponsible things like speeding or texting whilst driving. It frustrates me that people don't take the road rules seriously, until it is too late. Blue Datto gives students the chance to change their view on how to behave on the roads. The Keeping Safe program educates young people and aims to prevent dangerous activities on the roads from occurring.