" Hi, I'm Erin and I have been working for Blue Datto since the start of the year"

University Attending: Australian Catholic University.

Degree: A Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science.

Other jobs: Apart of the Administration team at Snap Fitness.

Hobbies: I figure skate and I am apart of 'theater on Ice'. I also play and umpire women's field hockey.

Does working for Blue Datto help give you skills to aid in your other job role? Yes, Blue Datto has given me time and preparation skills in moving from one task to the next efficiently. Knowing how to communicate and engage with different people has also been a skill that I have learnt whilst working for Blue Datto.

Why did you choose to work for Blue Datto? I have seen the results and impacts that car crashes and road trauma can have on individuals, families and communities. I want to be apart of minimizing the chance of someone else being in danger or having to experience trauma.

Is there a moment at Blue Datto that stands out for you? The values activity stands out for me the most.When working as a Peer Mentor you hear varying opinions on road safety and get to see how the students view certain things. It is really interesting.