"Hello, my name is Samuel and I am a Peer Mentor for the Blue Datto Foundation!"

Age: 19

University: 3rd year at Macquarie University 

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (pathway to teaching)

Hobbies: Singing/playing the guitar, playing basketball and binge watching Netflix shows.

How long have you worked for Blue Datto? A total of 1 year.

Other workplaces: I work for an after school care, as a tutor for the Student Tutor Network and I work at KFC.

Why did you decide to work for Blue Datto? The foundation is important to me because it allows me to mix what I am currently studying, with my passion for helping kids. At the end of the day, with the help of Blue Datto, I just want to educate young people to make the right decisions and have the right attitudes on the road.

What is you favorite part about being a Blue Datto team member?  I do enjoy the long drives on the Blue Datto bus if we have a central coast school ! Knowing you have the ability to make a difference in a kids life is great. When you have kids which aren't the loudest in the group come up to you at the end of the program, saying they enjoyed it, it's such a rewarding feeling.